John Borstlap


Thoughts on new music in the 21st century

NRC Handelsblad

‘Borstlap’s Sinfonia: a sympathetic work…….. I was quite amazed by this love declaration to Richard Strauss……… The audience reacted enthusiastically.’

North Texas Performing Arts News

[In Solemn Night Music] Borstlap boldly uses the musical language of Arnold Schoenberg’s 1899 masterpiece, Verklärte Nacht, and Anton Webern’s Im Sommerwind from 1904…. This overripe chromatically complex music is gorgeous…… carefully composed and gorgeous to hear.’ North Texas Performing Arts News

Mens & Melodie

‘In his music, John Borstlap combines great craftmanship with the utmost original thematic material. It is remarkable how refreshing new tonal music can be.


Can, in the 21st century, the classical tradition be revived?
Au XXIe siècle, peut-on faire revivre la tradition classique ?

This Project

The project is a contribution to a historically-informed European cultural identity, which should include contemporary art that is related to Europe’s living heritage..


For this project, sponsorship is necessary, and interested parties are invited to consider taking part in a groundbreaking artistic adventure which opens-up new possibilities of renewing the repertoire.

Record Label BIS

BIS Records is a record label founded in 1973 by Robert von Bahr, located in Åkersberga, Sweden. BIS focuses on classical music, both contemporary and early, especially works that are not already well represented by existing recordings.

Orchestra the Kölner Akademie

The Kölner Akademie seeks to bring out the composers’ intentions by using urtext editions, historically informed performance practice, and the proper number of performers for each work.


Orchestrate a renaissance